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The Venezuelans | Vivo en un Mundo Loco

You need to vet your candidates. Your view of citizenship appears to be in line with this concept. Syd, if you can show how the articles that I posted are factually wrong, please do so. It would probably reach the newspapers…. But I cannot even describe how proud I feel about my country when someone describes it the way venezoano did, and how you described us perfectly.

As for the AlbaCiudad articles I have linked to, most of what is said in those articles can be confirmed by other independent news reports which are often linked to in the very article itself. I assume Picradia you are not Venezuelan for the: In a United States election cycle these would all get vetted, very much in detail… and still there are some lemons.

You need to stop approaching every comment as an opportunity to promote a particular party. It is hard to describe an entire people and generalizations will never be true for everyone. BTW I am pkcardia your same boat, however, I think we are going a contrapelo!


But when I was reading it, it was as if you were describing ;icardia people from Colombia. She owned many businesses. In the end, it leads to racism… just look down below at A Patriot saying that the solution for Venezuela is to bring in foreigners to civilize the country.

Only you have the truth. Of course not every time, but definitely more than what I am used to at caprilex. January 20, at Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. The private moral lifespoused lofty ideals and rethorical skills of a leader can make him dazzling and yet thats only part of what you want in a leader.

Any solutions, short of ddel and erasing them?

Ask preachers and politicians for that role…. I just want to keep reading venezopano. As for the political problems of implementing them, I figure Venezuela is going to be reconstructing its government from zero, in any case.

Thank you for all the love. We are also hard workers and that we take serious. Thank you for your post.

This doesnt mean the model sxel work but first you have to strenghten the institutions and ensure that no one political group exercices too much dominance over the political sphere.

Venezuelans are extremely easy picarddia and it does not take more than one hour or two before you are invited to the family reunion next weekend.

Betty-disaster-with-numbers is genetically and educationally impoverished to deal with quantitative issues. Imagine your neighbors making candid comments about yourself or your family.


Sobremesa Chronicles

Also, my habit of giving kisses vwnezolano hugs disturbs people here. Life is just a carnival. But never the less, i do miss my country, or better said, my people, my loving caring happy people. January 9, at It cenezolano our venezuelan minds and spirits, while we go through difficult economical times…is true we are happy even under the challenges we are facing everyday, so your point of view really helps and encourages to keep on laughing!!!

I live retired in India and my kids live in the US, but whenever we call each other, we speak in Spanish. What about the sex? Its really nice piicardia read that you are having a great time in Venezuela, my friend… I hope it just gets better every day it passes.

LOL… In a way, I kind of wish he was— just so he could see the extent of the damage he caused. I sooo want to read more, keep going! Hello, I first would like to say that I feel a lot of respect of your nation, your culture, your values, and your de, of living.