Our state-of-the-art production lines produce solar cells from high quality silicon wafers and assemble these cells into solar modules of varying dimensions. Astronergy CHSMP, W Solar Panel. Astronergy specializes in cutting- edge research, development and production of solar modules. 20 Top Of The Line, Name Brand, Astronergy Solar, High Power Polycrystalline, CHSM P Watt, High Efficiency, True Grid Tie Class Solar Panels With.

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Free Rebate Processing Assistance! No layaways or rain checks. 2400 mission is to enable and support people across Australia to move towards clean energy now and into the future as technology evolves.

Astronergy Poly – w – Powerark Solar Pty Ltd – Product Showroom

Some of the poorest performing solar panels are made sstronergy some of the biggest names in the industry. When shopping for solar panels, always insist on solar panels that use solar cells that have been cut from a solid silicon ingot.

Drilling more holes into your roof can increase labor costs as well as increase the risk of a leak. In fact, we’re so sure that ours is the best deal available, that we’ll beat any nationally advertised price on our same, in stock, top of the line systems or astronergh system is free. Free Solar Module Upgrade!

Astronergy CHSM6610P, 240W Solar Panel

With more than 15, customers worldwide, we possess the knowledge, the experience and the strategic partnerships to make your transition into solar an experience that’s not only enjoyable but also rewarding. In fact in most cases we can save you thousands of dollars. Reduces your carbon footprint while you go green saving you lots of green. IronRidge Solar Mounting Systems are unsurpassed in quality 2440 durability, rated to withstand up to miles astroonergy hour wind speeds, IronRidge ClickSys Mounts are engineered to last a lifetime.


Astronergy Poly 320 – 240w

Please contact your state or utility company to determine equipment ratings and exactly how your rebate will be calculated and what your rebate amount will astronedgy. Our ForeverChill series grid interactive air conditioner solar power systems are perfect for reducing your monthly electric bill. Our experienced staff will help you choose the right system.

Next try the same thing with a box beam rail from IronRidge and you’ll know right away which design offers you more piece of mind. Installation of the above listed system exposes the installer to voltages and currents that are considered lethal and can cause injury or even death if not installed properly. This allows your air conditioner to work less, increasing its life expectancy. This is exactly why we chose government owned Astronergy Solar for our ForeverChill series solar systems.

Discount Solar Supply is not in the business of accessing home values and hereby makes astroneegy claim whatsoever regarding the accuracy or validity of the ICF report.

We’ll provide you with all of the resources that you would ever need, including specification sheets from our competitors offerings, so that you can make your own educated decision about solar panel performance and compare for yourself. In an effort to be more competitive, many dealers have resorted to offering thin light duty mounting rails that require many more roof penetrations, solar panels with poorer per Watt PTC ratings and lesser warranties and or solar panels that use cells that are astronwrgy cut from a solid ingot of silicon.

Thin might be in when it comes to waistlines and the latest HDTV sets but when it comes to securing the bulk of your investment to the roof of your home you want the strongest mounting system made out of the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum that money can astronwrgy. After Your “Sunsational” Free Upgrade: If you have astrnoergy in full for your solar system and have not yet received an approval for your rebate reservation, Discount Solar Supply will store your solar system for you at no charge until you have received your rebate reservation approval.


To prove our point ask your dealer to provide a sample of their C shaped mounting rail. Here at Discount Solar Supply we never skimp on quality. If you require backup power during a power failure then please ask your sales representative to quote you on a solar system that includes batteries and astronrrgy inverter has been specifically designed to provide backup power during a power outage.

Tell me more about the high performance components in this system. Please see your tax preparer to make sure that you qualify for this tax credit in the xstronergy in which it has been presented here. In addition, always check references before signing any contact. Our factory authorized service center One of the oldest and most experienced in California will be here if you ever need our services.

Their high efficiency solar modules provide an extremely stable platform for decades worth clean, dependable, investment grade solar power which is ideal for use in commercial, industrial and residential applications. We’ve even seen small U.

And a much, much lower 2400 than the competition. And as always, we highly recommend that you astronrrgy verify that any contractor or installer that you are considering possesses the necessary licensing, certification, bonding and insurance. Click here to watch a short video sent to us by one of our Long Island, New York customers.