” TIP CAS. I ca IN ICAO. PвKE. | 39A. LM CR3 |. 3 A4. | IN 1 tci +. CI01 +. R8. 3 K. 10v. SCRI I. Astron Observations. Longevity. Family of RS supplies – all the same design Astron RSM Astron is inconsistent – some do, and some don’t. Don’t rely on . Here is an annotated schematic of the Astron RSM detailing the workings of the various parts of the Astron circuit. The annotations were originally written in.

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I also thought maybe my meter lights were burned out, as some have noted, but on further searching found that since my unit has a fixed power cord, it’s likely older and never had meter illumination.

The markings on the large main capacitor. See the comments above on the battery backup feature. Rs-53a meters he bought were a type that required an isolated power source for the ammeter, and the article includes a schematic and photo of the isolated 5vDC source that he build on perfboard.

You get much less current at a lower voltage. We’ll see you in a couple of weeks it’s that deep of a bench. This packaging is only offered on the larger supplies.

A look at the Astron RSA – AG6QR

It also allows a qstron to operate easily off of 12V lead-acid batteries, or automotive electrical systems. Astron makes both linear and switching power supplies, and some other products.

The RSA is rated at 35A peakand uses two bridge rectifiers, each rated at 35A, placed in parallel to share the load. Looking inside you will see two sets of heatsinks near the rear of the unit. Implement one or both.


Close-up of the AC inlet and fuse. This may work great for an wheeler truck driver wanting atsron unit to provide There are also Battery “BB” versions of the power supply. The wires more-or-less held things in place, sort of. Astron Linear Supply Battery Backup Modifications All the schematics and modifications necessary to add a battery backup to your Astron linear power supply.

It also has a very detailed parts list at the end. Component side of the board. This creates what is known as a “ground loop” that can introduce AC hum in to the DC supply ground return leg. The blue adjustable potentiometer marked “1K” on the board visible in the component side photo above and labeled “R5” on the solder side photo above adjusts the power supply’s maximum output voltage, typically from 11 to 15 volts 22 to 32 volts on LS and VLS power supplies.

When you place diodes in parallel, if one gets slightly warmer than the other, the warmer diode will conduct more than its cooler neighbor.

Picked up a used RSM. Anyone have a copy or know where I could obtain it? A trailing “” indicates the supply operates on V line voltage. SL- series are Small Linear power supplies. The negative side is common. Another way of saying it is that this is a ground inverting unit.

N5PA Website – RSA Power Supply

Repeater use puts demands on a power supply beyond those of a typical home user:. Two white LEDs with a single dropping resistor is all that is needed.

I switched it on and just checked unloaded voltage with my DVM Open the supply after first disconnecting AC power and allowing for DC voltage to bleed down. All Rights Reserved, including that of paper and web publication elsewhere.

If you find one somewhere else that we don’t have, we’d appreciate a scan. Several folks have mentioned in emails and on mailing lists that you can call Astron on the phone and you will hear them tell you that they don’t have electronic copies of their drawings and they don’t know how to email them. Some of the Slim-Line supplies have a cable and connector appropriate for the radio to which it would normally power. Keeping the power supply in a separate unit from the radio makes the radio lighter and cheaper, and allows the heat from the power supply to stay far away from the radio.


Trust me, the person that answers the phone will be amazed when you tell them that the drawings from different years for the same model power supply show some different component IDs and values.

August 14, Is this the correct site? The fan noise rs-5a be annoying at times, so I’ve modified my supplies to make it less so.

Astron RS35A 35 Amp Power Supply

Astron sent me a manual in e-mail. Icom America does answer their telephone for support calls. While the Astron Linear PS designs have changed through the years — largely due to changes in electronic components RoHS, obsolescence, etc.

Converting a RS or RM to a VS or VM usually involves adding two potentiometers to the front panel and making the wiring changes shown in the schematic. On further searching, I found a wealth of info asfron Most ham radio transceivers do not run directly off of mains AC power, but instead operate from about