If you can’t find your Serial Number: Check out our Finding your Serial Number FAQ Entry for instructions. If you see a message that your coupon has already. ArtRage, stylish and easy to use painting software. Instructions for if you received ArtRage with a Wacom Tablet and cannot find your serial number. Can’t Find. Instructions: Download the installer using the button above. Once you have downloaded the file, double click it and follow the instructions to install the demo.

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Retrieved 4 September The mobile iPad and iPhone versions can only be bought via the Apple app store and cannot be registered on the ArtRage site. We offer downloads for both Windows and macOS, but you need to download the correct version for your computer. Click and arrtage on the Move Icon in the Positioner to move the canvas.

Retrieved 29 August Whether you are comparing digital painting programs, considering switching qrtrage traditional to digital real media, or considering upgrading from a different edition of ArtRage, the free demo allows you to try the features of ArtRage 5 for an unlimited time.

ArtRage – Natural Painting Software

ArtRage is only sold individually manial an online download. Docking Mode keeps all of the panels in the top Menu Bar. Layers are like sheets of transparent plastic that you can paint on. PC Pro – Aug Browse the more indepth feature guides up on the right.


A utility for setting the current color by selecting paint from the canvas. Wrtrage that zooming does not change the contents or size of your canvas, it just adjusts the size it is displayed on the screen.

Classic ArtRage mode has a Tool Picker on the left, a Color Picker on the right, and Pods that you click to access panels with settings and other utilities.

A free demo version of ArtRage 4 is also available. For more information, see here: Alternatively, individual resources can be shared directly.

ArtRage Store

Art For All Levels. At the top of the Settings panel is an area that displays the currently loaded Nanual. Each tool is highly customisable, and comes with several presets. It includes a wide array of real life tools, as well as Stencils, scrap layers to use as scrap paper or mixing palettes and the option to integrate reference or tracing images.

Our work across desktop and mobile platforms focuses on creating natural tools with intuitive interfaces. These let artists from both traditional and digital backgrounds paint atrage having to learn digital tricks to get realistic results.

It will not cover all the tools, but it should help you get started. Latest updates on our RSS Feed.

Archived from the original on 8 May Art Tools for Beginners A selected set of tools from ArtRage for people wanting to try basic painting and drawing.

When you have a Tracing Image loaded you have the option to choose Colors automatically from it as you paint, this will cause the paint color to update at the start of each stroke to use the color of the Tracing Image manaul its starting point.


Updates to your existing ArtRage product can be downloaded from our Member Area if you have registered your product Serial Number. ArtRage 4 is available in several srtrage, but the manual is only available in English. Create delicate watercolor strokes that react to canvas texture.

ArtRage 5 Quick Start Guide – ArtRage

All versions of ArtRage support several languages for the interface. Upgrade discounts when purchasing ArtRage 4 are available to owners of previous versions that came with a registration key. Read Maunal Manuals Online The complete ArtRage manuals are available online — browse through the categories on the right to nanual the topics you need help with.

You can sample a color from the canvas to make it current for painting using the Color Sampler tool.

Amazing Natural Art

ArtRage offers a realistic colour blending option as well as standard digital RGB based blending. Check out the Support Page and fill in a support query 3.55 you have a problem. In Docking Mode use the Samples button next to the current color sample.

ArtRage is used for traditional style art, graphic design, picture book illustrations, movie and video game concept art, scientific illustrations, fan art, comics, caricatures, abstracts, photo editing, special effects, product design and more.