ARTFUL SENTENCHS:Syntax as Style Virginia Tufte ACKNOWLEDGMENTSy thanks go, first of all, to the authors of more t. In Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style, Virginia Tufte presents — and comments on — more than a thousand excellent sentences chosen from the works of authors. Get this from a library! Artful sentences: syntax as style. [Virginia Tufte].

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Calvin Trillin, With All Disrespect, 30 In contrast to columnists writing for a broad popular audience, scientists and journalists in a number of specialized publications cus- tomarily write in a more formal style, making little if any use of the first person I.

Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style

Linking patterns are mixed with others to describe essentially a changing scene: But without further infor, “mation nearb you will not know which objects are small and y or large and far away. As this pair of sentences go next door to the Trolley Car Diner, whereJimmy, their boarder, would fry him a burger if he was not too busy.

But they often use the first person plurals, we, us. But use of fragments is not limited to personal writing. Miller makes apt choices of adjectives in the objecconiplernent thinkable and the modifier robust: My husband went to all but one of them and took notes for me.

Sdntences moved to Gloucester fairly recently from Camb’ Kl and has that high-table trick of being able to make ui b. Samuel Beckett Music was my refuge.

Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style – PDF Free Download

John Knowles, Indian Summer, 27 ‘ adjective forms: Access and Asp iration, are resources that can serve admirably in well-chosen locations They are important also as a basic structure that can be transformed in a variety of ways and as the host for embedding or attaching new material.


It is the nature of brief English utterance, siu j ‘, ‘ kernel patterns to send the primary stress toward the em ” pti 0 lcharactenst ,cs: If they are voiced too After all, the deep feelings conjured up when we play great music already make us feel xmlnerable. Salinger James Joyce John Steinbeck John Updike kind left branches looked main clause ass mid-branching sentence move night nominative absolute nonfiction noun phrase novel pair paragraph parallelism participial phrase passive past participle patterns person preceding prepositional phrases present participles professional writers pronouns prose punctuation question reader repetition rhythm Scott Fitzgerald sense sentence opener serve short sentences sometimes story structure style syntactic syntax tence thing tion transitive verb stle verbal Virginia Woolf William Golding women words wysiwyg wysiwyg clause York.

Xtap0S notebook a sentence composed entirely of verbs: But Tufte makes it easier on them by defining many difficult terms, and an observant and patient reader can learn much.

Profound was Gary’s relief the next morning as he bumped ‘ with the improvement of himself, it never came into Holmes s head to contribute to the usefulness of an institution. I ve got to say one of my deep regrets is that pine oils became known as such wonderful artflu that the scent of pine no longer brings.

The printer Wolfe was abo questioned and revealed that three weeks alter the first printing of Hayward s book the Archbishop ol Canterbury had ordered the dedicatory epistle to Essex cut out.

Below, in each instance, an entire clause is a noun phrase functioning as direct object: This is a fitting commentary on how we are all stuck in time, less like flies in amber-nothing so hard and clear but like mice in molasses; because surely nowadays he would be – In nonfiction stylw with less personal subjects, pronouns arc on occasion used to display sentencex with the reader. Galaxies are receding from one 57 Qgftder-neutrd pronouns 1 are usually gender-neutral.


Aug 12, May Ling rated it it was amazing Shelves: And after the First-person pronouns can be very effective in autobiographical they join with other pronouns to help the author shaic her deep arrful and experience as she describes her workjust virginka the movie he could go next door to the Trolley Car Diner, where writing.

Terms such as parataxis, synecdoche, as well as the elusive wysiwyg clause what you see is what you getare defined for readers who may not yet be familiar with them. Participles and pure adjectives are used in similar ways: He cried out loud.

Great iirci results bt as the agent behind rules and taboos: For me it was the worth the challenge. Tufte breaks the sentences down quite well I sneaked a peek, now and the This is a book for writers, and those who have to read and grade papers.

Unknown Bindingpages. When an-ing verb appears outside the predicate as an adjecti – val modifier, it is simply referred to as the present participle. She froze to death because of the indi.

The basic unit of English syntax is the clause. There is a story that when an editor Winston Churchill s sentences because it ended with a PnT1 author wrote in the margin: The method of offering students variations of their own sample sentences, both as examples and options for virinia, is very non-directive.