April Fool’s Day [Bryce Courtenay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The author of THE POWER OF ONE celebrates the life of his son. April Fool’s Day: A Modern Love Story [Bryce Courtenay] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Courtenay, Bryce. April Fool’s Day by Bryce Courtenay. A quick rundown The true story of Bryce’s son, Damon who contracts HIV through a blood transfusion.

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In the end, love is more important than everything and it will conquer and overcome anything. I found this book moving and upsetting.

Courtney at his most honest and his best. Damon is born a hemophiliac and accidentally contracts AIDS through a “life saving” blood transfusion. Jan 05, Pmj rated it it was amazing.

April Fool’s Day

I highly recommend it. Read more Read less.

But of course the book was written first and foremost as the fulfillment of a promise and secondly as a necessary act of memory for the author. Apr 23, Ace rated it it was amazing. Customers who bought this item also bought.

April Fool’s Day by Courtenay, Bryce | Penguin Random House South Africa

Aug 06, Kirsty Cameron rated it it was amazing. After having an allergy misdiagnosed as Asthma when I was a child, Aprio avoided doctors arpil much as I could. View all 5 comments. From a medical point of view, this book is also exceptionally interesting for several reasons.


This is a aprill about hope, love and enduring suffering subjected to this lovely poung man who never complained. To think that the poor haemophiliac community who were already having a shit life shortened by their disease, had courtennay then die horrifically, as well as being ostracised by the community. If you want to read a book about compassion, devotion anf hope, then this is that book. I felt privileged to be brought into the journey as Bryce, and other family membersshared their joys, sorrows, triumphs and griefs in the midst of a very difficult Having enjoyed many of Bryce Courtenay’s books I simply read this one without knowing anything about the plot.

Today haemaphilics receive blood apirl so brycs risks are minimal. But it is so very important to know more about it. I loved the author, his family, dedicated girl-friend and the good people professional and friends who worked with such dedication to help the authors son. Never say never, Britain’s Mary Wesley published her first best-seller, ‘Jumping the Queue’, when she was seventy.

Making an impression When you are conducting hundreds of interviews a month, as I was with a 3 hour programme in the ACT at the time I met Bryce Courtenay, you do not expect to be remembered, particularly by the great, the good and the powerful who grant as many interviews as some of us conduct.

Courtenay describes Damon’s journey, couched in the unwaivering love and support of his partner, Celeste, his family, and friends. It seems such a bitter irony that the medicine that has saved my life became the poison that may soon end it.


Bryce Courtenay: a brief encounter

Join 1, other followers. I have had this book on my bookshelf for 17 years: In this heart-rendingly painful, funny, and controversial book he celebrates his son’s life. April Fool’s Day has never been my favourite date on the calendar, perhaps because aptil jokes have rarely held any appeal; maybe, just maybe Bryce Courtenay felt the same.

I commend Courtenay for his raw honesty. I’ve been donating blood for the past fooos of years now, and will con After having an allergy misdiagnosed as Asthma when I was a child, I avoided doctors as much as I could. Learned so much about blood and illness.

What is a bleeding well, you can’t even see the bloodhow it is treated several blood transfusions every weekhow limited is a child with hemophilia, and what are the “longer” affects on the body, that is deteriorating and losing even its limited freedom. I always respected Courtenay as dools writer before this, but after reading this book, I have the utmost respect for him overall.

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