I am thinking of making a Quenya course for English speakers. Although it’ll take me a while to consider the benefits and disadvantages, I have a pretty good. QUENYA Una mujer se paró enfrente de Esbelia. –¡Quiubo, mami! Esbelia – Mucho gusto, repitió Quenya. De modo que Suleica debería aprender de mí.

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Como se diz (…) em Quenya?

From my point of view better this than klingon. And the problems only start there. But I have one more comment – I deeply appreciate the respect paid to JRR Tolkien as creator of the language, but true languages are made by – and create- communities.

I’ve used the Ardalambion course too! Delta 25 12 12 8 8 7 5 4. RatonNoir 12 8 4 3 2 2 2. Parma Tyelpelassiva – sc. This is not to say that the artificial, homogenized Quenya presented on Helge Fauskanger’s Ardalambion site, or the pseudo-Sindarin inventions of David Salo for Peter Jackson’s films, are without interest or merit but neither are they without serious problems ; but rather that meaningful study of Tolkien’s languages cannot be achieved simply by mastering the artificial, simplified, patch-work systems of these popularizers.

Hebrew – various translators. Why I made the site And who am I anyway?

Heck, we already got Klingon going and there is a Game of THrones language in the pipeline. Klingon and High Valyrian are quite different languages, being both more complete and with a qprender creator who can answer questions in the case of High Valyrian, the creator is actually a course contributor! That Valyrian has a living creator who rules on disputes Take two of the most popular, for example: I explain why I don’t think Quenya and Sindarin would make good Duolingo courses.


I taught myself Quenya from the Ardalambion course last year http: The first thing you will quickly notice is that they both make different choices or suggestions on the pronouns used in their versions of Neo-Quenya. Or should it allow all forms of pronouns Tolkien ever used? Not only does this mean that the vocabulary is limited, it also means that we know nothing about discourse in these languages and furthermore because it was Tolkien’s private hobby for decades before Quenya and Sindarin were used in the LOTR, there are many different versions of these languages and even the publication of the LOTR did not aprenddr him from tinkering with them.

Given the layers of development in Tolkien’s ideas and within the internal history, it seems like the approach most true aprener his work is in written compositions that pay attention to those contexts. Still, even with all the complications, I think the concept of a Quenya course would be quite fascinating. Elvish pronunciation guide – with recordings of Quenya not perfect, but the theory stuff is good! And refrain from opening it again.

I’ve always wanted to learn Quenya and it would be great to have a duolingo course on it! Really cool though, I love how you studied it so intensively!

I love Apeender of the Rings and The Hobbit!! I have been kind of looking at a few phrases of quenya, but I haven’t been able to actually study it.

At the bottom of that page aprenser a link titled “Deactivate my account. Of course it would still be difficult to choose the source.

I’m going to take a little more time but not too much to review my Quenya notes and write an application but I will be applying to the Incubator very soon. Poems set in a certain place and age Read my post above and this: Just a potential quirk? I already know the history of the languages. As far as Quenya is concerned, words to describe things like the Wuenya, electricity, school, bicycles, cars etc. In addition qusnya previous comment states a bit to the opposite of the course being “not good”.


The general public is likewise encouraged to tell me of any errors in these articles; if you can point out omissions or genuine mistakes of any kind, I will not be offended, but grateful.


I think it’s super cool and to speak Quenya would aprenfer astonishing to hear. I think that would be great, I know several guys who might be interested in such a course, and I suppose there are many more – Tolkien’s fans are numerous I even signed up for the Klingon course.

Tengwar Quenya Mode Quick Guide | Geeky Stuff in | Pinterest | Tolkien, Elvish and Alphabet

The Tolkien Estate will probably have to give it an okay, but after that a short course would be viable. I have invariably granted permission for such translations to be made, as long as I quuenya recognized as the author. This is an awesome idea! There are far too many gaps in our knowledge about the grammars of these languages arender even much aprendee the vocab. Thank you for actually reading my arguments! Instead, the study must be always and primarily based and centered on reading, pondering, and understanding the exemplars and statements that Tolkien himself made, in their context and in relation to one another, across the decades of his life and the millennia of internal development they were created by Tolkien to exhibit.