Hey everyone, I have a VBA button that opens the Save As function/screen/option . Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() ‘Save workbook. method (Excel). 06/07/; 2 minutes to read; Contributors. office dev account ยท Linda Caputo For example, search for the xlDialogOpen constant to find the arguments for the Open dialog box. For more Application. Instead of showing the Save As Dialog box, just save directly to the folder. ( sFilename + “\TestingFile – ” + Format(Date, “YYYYMMDD”) + “.xlsx”) Application.

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This could act as a dialog box. When omitted the current operating environment is used.

Using Excel built-in dialogs

Opening the files this way allows you to set features in advance such as excel filetype, possible recommendation for opening read only and password protection. On my own accord I also confirmed that it worked fine on unsaved files Several recent links suggest that appication should work in later Excel versions, ie Here http: I am writing a VB.

Are you trying to save the workbook or worksheet? If TRUE, the user will be notified when the d ocument is available to be opened.

Narayan has hit the nail on the head regarding the issue. Entia non sunt multiplicanda sine necessitate. Jeeped has a solution below that should work for you. Consider me subscribed, this is odd.


File Save As Dialog Arguments – Free Excel\VBA Help Forum

I would like it to default to the Q: FileFormat specifies what character to use as a delimiter when opening text files. The Dialogs xlDialogSaveAs will only start in an initial folder when the workbbook has not previously been saved. Also you shouldn’t xlrialogsaveas to change the drive or directory if you are specifying an argument for the dialog.

The same issue persists, still reverted back to C Drive I’ll hope I do it right. FileFormat FileFormat specifies what character to use as a delimiter when opening text files. On another forum I was asked how to set the default directory when using Application. applicaton

This is the Excel file Save As dialog. I’m guessing it has to do with the fact that the template is opened from the T: After I dump the data, I would like to have the user chose where to save the file using the built in File SaveAs dialog box.

Nelson, Feb 1, The code below opens the Excel built-in dialog to rename a sheet.

Setting the default file name in the XLDialogSaveAs dialog box | PC Review

The dialogs assume the active workbook. Only these are included in the Excel VBA menu. File Save As Dialog Arguments that one works.

After going through google I discovered that this code works fine for Excel 97 but not later versions.


It doesn’t work for the OP and it doesn’t work for me on saved files ineither at work or home Remarks For built in dialog boxes, this method returns True if the user clicks OKor it returns False if shoa user clicks Cancel.

You could use a msgbox instead.

Sign in to give feedback. The OP wrote back and said it didn’t work – I tried my code again and he was correct.

Dialog.Show method (Excel)

Opening the files this way allows you to set features in advance such as filename filter and the password protection. My conclusion diaalogs examining them is that only half a dozen or so are worth the trouble.

Editable Editable is a logical value that corresponds to opening a file such as a template while holding down SHIFT key. The built-in dialogs from the Excel user interface can be called from VBA. Tom Ogilvy, Feb 1, In another language while browsing google I came across someone who said to try: Sgow does your folder path exist. It is working indeed.