Use the links below to download Apache Jackrabbit releases from one of our . Also see the Jackrabbit FileVault documentation for more. Jackrabbit is a complete, and fully compliant implementation of the Content documentation of the JCR API and Apache Jackrabbit releases. The exact format of this XML configuration file is defined in the following document type definition (DTD) files published by the Apache Jackrabbit project.

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Apache Jackrabbit – Welcome to Apache Jackrabbit

In addition to a hierarchically structured storage, common services of a content repository are versioning, access control, full text searching, and event monitoring. The Workspaces element of the repository configuration specifies where and how the workspaces are managed.

A Jackrabbit repository contains one or more workspaces that are each configured in a separate workspace. The Scope of Level 1 of JSR docuumentation cover a large number of simple Applications, that need to search repositories and need to read from repositories. See the JAAS documentation for configuration instructions.

Apache Jackrabbit – Building Jackrabbit

Dcoumentation source tree is divided in standard parts: Anonymous users have read access while normal and system users have full read-write access. The structure of the security configuration element is:.

A file system component is any Java class that implements the FileSystem interface and the associated behavioral contracts. The classes and interfaces within Apache Jackrabbit are only needed when accessing functionality that is not specified in JCR. You can also find the artifacts within the created target subdirectories of the component projects. Only current recommended releases are available on the main distribution site and its mirrors.

The main difference between versioning and workspace configuration is that no search index is specified for the version store as version histories are indexed and searched using the repository-wide search index. There are Maven project descriptors POMs within both the top level jackrabbit directory you checked out above and all the jackrabbit- something component subdirectories. Once you have the Subversion client installed you can checkout the main Jackrabbit source tree with the following command or its equivalent in the client you are using: The above checkout will create a subdirectory named jackrabbit that contains the latest Jackrabbit sources.


The default [SimpleAccessManager http: You can delete a workspace by manually removing the workspace directory when the repository instance is not running. You can either download a binary release or build Jackrabbit from sources. See the Building Jackrabbit page for detailed build instructions.

Also the Jackrabbit version handler uses a separate persistence manager. The repository configuration file, typically called repository. Building the sources with Maven Jackrabbit uses Maven 3 as the build system and the component sources are mostly organized according to the Maven Standard Directory Layout.

Some Jackrabbit components contain external code with licenses that meet Apache licensing policies.

The version histories of all versionable nodes are stored in a repository-wide version store configured in the Versioning element of the repository configuration. The reason why we abstracted the PM interface was to leave room for future performance optimizations that would not affect the rest of the implementation e.

See the Jackrabbit 1. Jackrabbit contains a set of built-in persistence manager classes that cover most of the deployment documentatiob.

Also see the Jackrabbit Apacge Plugin documentation for more information about this project. If you use a database PM and like to connect to an external database, you might also have to setup the database.

Level 1 specifies a read-only API that allows to introspect Node and Property-types and offers hierarchical read access to content stored in a repository.

Jackrabbit Configuration

Some documents may still not be searchable for various reasons: How do I force a consistency check on the search index? Older releases are available from the archive download site. The structure of the security configuration element is: On top of Level 1 or Level 2 a number of functional block serve for more advanced repository functionality. First download the KEYS file as well as the.


The latest development version is found within trunk, while the other parts are jackrabbih to keep track of the source code of the Jackrabbit releases.

Starting with Jackrabbit 1. Take a look at the Subversion client list unless you already have a one installed. A content repository is an information management system that provides various services for storing, accessing, and managing content. There are various very different implementations, but most of them are using databases to store the data.

The recommended alternative is to use the LocalFileSystem implementation that simply maps abstract file system accesses to the specified directory within the native file system. For production use we recommend the latest stable 2. The default SimpleLoginModule class included in Jackrabbit implements a trivially simple authentication mechanism that accepts any username and any password as valid authentication credentials. Reliability, integrity and performance of the PM are crucial to the overall stability and performance of the repository.

If you still want a size information you can append an order by clause to your statement. Mackrabbit home directory The filesystem path of the directory containing the content repository accessed by the runtime instance of Jackrabbit.

Then restart Jackrabbit and watch the log file for possible repair messages. See the Search page on the Jackrabbit wiki. This keeps your repository and its configuration nicely contained within a single directory tree.