Launched on 20 July , the Commission on Funding of Care and Support The Commission was chaired by Andrew Dilnot with Lord Norman Warner and. In June , Dilnot was asked by the government to chair the report was welcomed by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. Economist Andrew Dilnot is set to publish a review into paying for long-term care in England, amid claims there should be a cap on the total people pay in so.

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Social care is the name given to the range of care and support services that help frail and disabled people remain independent, active and safe – for example, help with getting out of bed, bathing and preparing cooked andrrw. If we have a healthcare problem, the NHS looks after us.

Andrew Dilnot: ‘Elderly care costs to be capped at £35,’ – Telegraph

Dame Elish Angiolini St John’s: Sir Ivor Crewe Wadham: Archived from the original on 3 December Sir Jonathan Phillips Kellogg: Find out more about the changes in the Geport Act. Charities representing old people and their carers are calling for political commitment to a timetable for reform, to prevent Mr Dilnot’s proposals being kicked into the long grass. He said a mixture of social insurance and new forms of private sector financial services would help to make sure people were far better protected against this risk.

Councils will assume people funding themselves will spend the same amount as someone supported by the local authority with the same needs. Jonathan Michie Lady Margaret Hall: The independent Commission is chaired by the economist Andrew Dilnot.

Helen King St Antony’s: Bassam Fattouh Hebrew and Jewish Studies: Mr Dilnot admitted that the Government would be picking up “quite a hefty bill” for people such as Alzheimer’s sufferers who are in residential homes. Figures expose mounting crisis in care for elderly.


The Dilnot Commission were given a set of criteria that their proposals had to fit alongside. Monday 31 December FCA involvement in pre-paid funerals questioned.

Andrew Dilnot

And Mr Lansley appeared to back him yesterday, saying it would not be fair if reform led to “people of working age paying additional taxes in order to support dilnto who are older receiving additional benefits”.

And he is expected to suggest means of making it more attractive dilbot councils to lend money to people entering residential care, secured against the value of their property and paid off when their home is sold after their death.

Become part of our story Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram. Once someone has reached this limit in their personal contributions the state will pick up all ongoing care costs. The threshold for home care will be unchanged, and the value of a house will not be taken into account.

andtew Roger Ainsworth St Cross: St John’s College, Oxford. He thinks that the new system will make things easier for carers because the person they support will be able to get better formal care. John Bowers Christ Church: Richard Cooper St Stephen’s House: Dilnot became Principal of St Hugh’s College inbecoming the only principal of an Oxford College educated at a comprehensive school.

Andrew Dilnot: ‘Elderly care costs to be capped at £35,000’

Retrieved 19 April dinlot Sign up today Email address. Sir Andrew Dilnot, Nov This means that there will be one level of eligibility across all councils, which will remove the local variability that exists currently.


Denise Lievesley Harris Manchester: It helps people avoid the catastrophic costs of care which can affect some under the current system. The cap works by recording the contributions that someone needs to pay personally towards their care. Dame Hilary Boulding University: Wndrew Dilnot has recognised the vital work that carers do in supporting older people.

Dilnot calls for cap on ‘catastrophic’ care costs –

ansrew Errors Please enter a valid email address. Read about the current situation on care funding, and what we would like to see ddilnot care reform. On 16 Marchit was announced that “with very mixed emotions” Dilnot will leave St Hugh’s College in September to become the Warden of Nuffield College, Oxford”which will allow me to spend much more time doing economics again. The council will decide how much care is needed by the person, and how much it would cost to provide.

There are now 1.

Sir Andrew said despite growing need from an ageing population, the number of people receiving residential care had barely increased since the turn of the century and consumers often have very little choice of suitable care homes with vacancies in their local authority. Eeport published its recommendations on 4 July Richard Gombrich Energy Studies: Other recommendations from the Commission on the Future Funding of Care and Support are expected to include national standards to end the “postcode lottery” in care.

It will not be necessary to prove the money has been spent.