DiTullo’s work has garnered numerous awards and been featured in many publications and collections. His book, Analog Dreams, the Sketches of Michael. Feb 9, Michael DiTullo, the industrial designer currently serving as DiTullo’s somewhat Philip-K.-Dick-esque titled Analog Dreams can be purchased. Analog Dreams is a compilation of eye popping design sketches by Michael DiTullo. Michael is an industrial designer and creative director at the legendary frog.

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It is a chance to give them a work of art. For over 20 years this is the kind of industry leading design I’ve been practicing for companies as large as Nike, Intel, Honda, Google and small innovative start ups as well. I have never met someone who has such a grasp on the intangibles as Michael.

Username Password Forgot password? Keep me signed in Cancel. This person will know every line, every detail, every nuance of color and shape, even if only on a subconscious level.

By Core Jr – Feb 08, Steckbar: We suspect that one might also be able to flip a module over to create a dreama coffee table, Professional, highly skilled, on-time, very creative, and willing to push us to look at things differently have led us to Michael time and time again with our product design and graphic needs. Please enter your email and we will send an email to reset your password. Other public appearances, guest lectures and competitions Michael has spoken at or judged:.


Analog Dreams by Michael DiTullo | Blurb Books

Email required Address never made public. It could be the last thing this person sees before drifting to sleep at night and the first thing they see in the morning. Join overdesigners who stay up-to-date with the Core77 newsletter Other public appearances, guest lectures and competitions Michael has spoken at or judged: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

It is ritullo to underestimate the impact of interacting with these objects. They might not purchase a Brancusi sculpture for the living room, or live in a Frank Lloyd Wright home.

We were interested in not only what these people do, but what their thinking process is and how they gained their current positions. My first book, Analog Dreams, is a compilation of my eye popping design sketches.

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Umar Hanif, strategist at Motorola. Whether CEO of a Fortune company or first year student, Michael treats people with respect and has his ears open with the intention of learning something new K Reset Password Please enter your email and we will send an email to reset your password. His ability to not only produce great design, but also recognize great design and create narrative around great design is second to none.


Analog Dreams

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Also included are some of my thoughts on rapid visualization skills, and what it takes to be fluent in visual language.

In I established my own studio with a simple mission, make the best work possible for people who get it. He is both friend diyullo colleague – someone I trust implicitly.

Still, this one’s pretty nice, nesting closely for storage and expanding into a brightly colored shelf, sideboard or room partition when offset. I have designed for some of the most famous companies in the world. I believe successful design originates from the intersection of three things:.

That particular joy you experience when, after suffering for a long time with the wrong tool for the job, you finally acquire the right tool for the job. This is demonstrated especially well in their two latest projects: Don’t have an account?