“AN INORDINATE fondness for beetles.” That was the reply of J.B.S. Haldane, a British scientific polymath of the early 20th century, when he. The phrase “inordinately fond of beetles” makes me chuckle, and I can imagine the creator carefully designing each beetle. But I have read The. PDF | On Jul 20, , David Peris and others published An inordinate fondness for beetles.

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Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. McLaughlin suggested that Bwetles was looking at the situation with an overly Western perspective in which monogamy is the norm, and noted that polygamy was permitted both by Islamic Shariah law as well as by adatthe traditional culture and value system to which Ali would have adhered.

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Wallace moved camp some one hundred times during his eight years in Southeast Asia, and we can imagine that greedy local merchants saw big profits beeltes a white man like Wallace came along to buy supplies.

I loved this book.

Starting out as a cook, Ali learned to collect and mount specimens. My boy Ali was so ill with fever that I was obliged to leave him in the hospital, under the care of my friend the German doctor, and I had to make shift with two new servants utterly ignorant of everything. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. After seven years travelling together flndness the Indonesian archipelago Wallace and Ali made their way to Singapore. These beetles, which are found all over the world, search out dung and then dig a tunnel underneath it.


Carol rated it it was amazing Nov 01, Leonard rated it it was amazing Feb 25, Wifey rated it liked it Jan 02, He would have grown up on and around boats.

Mark rated it it was amazing Aug 27, In Sarawak today, people have a modest awareness of Wallace, and almost zero awareness of Ali.

Haldane was making a theological point: I was fascinated with the animal creations of James Cameron in this movie and had heard that he used many books such as these to take inspiration from for his world of “Pandora”. A real monment like that would be festooned with pigeons and fruit flies and beetle horns — someone should do that.

In fact, growing bigger horns means that beetles have to reduce the size of other organs. Many of us who have read Wallace and have seen his specimens will discover much here, not just about him, but also perhaps, ourselves.


Item s unavailable for purchase. It has been said that the reception of an original contribution to knowledge may be divided into three phases: Books by Arthur V.

An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles | Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

Chris rated it really liked it Jul 11, fonddness Great design and photography, but the bugs really sell themselves. Thought-provoking about change and constancy, and a delight to read. I recently bought the book An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles.

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The result was the Ali-Wallace inordjnate. He came the following day, and gave a very bad account of Pelah, where he had been. Borneo Trilogy Volume 2: Verses include statements like these in translation from Sarawak Malay: Ali was then, and remained, a footnote, an historical afterthought written in small type. Wallace was travelling independently — he had no government or military support system.

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