ALTCS will fund your assisted living. Work with experts on your application to ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) for seniors, the disabled and veterans. To start an application, call your local ALTCS office. To learn more about ALTCS, click here. To locate a Medicaid. not including a home or vehicle – Must need ongoing services at a nursing facility level of care.

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The process initiates with a social worker conducting an in-person aplication of the applicant to determine the level of care need. Additionally, making sure everything is organized for the different parts of the application can help speed up the process. We save altxs clients money and time. We will also help you reapply for no additional fee within one year, and we typically do not charge an additional fee for appeals.

I am a Veteran. This is most likely to help those who are close to the limits and still cannot afford their cost of care.

Table of Contents

If you are working with an attorney or another ALTCS assistance provider, make sure they will assist you with completing these tasks, as well as selling you the trust instrument. This is a high standard, and requires that the person needs a high level of assistance with many daily tasks of living such as dressing, toileting, spplication, medications, etc.

We take much of the burden off exhausted spouses and family members. ALTCS is not going to be very helpful when you are exhausted and confused. You do need to have access to their personal information and records, and they will need to sign some forms. Call us for more information. In fact, a applicaiton of our ALTCS clients either previously had their applications denied or were simply overwhelmed with appllication process. We never charge our clients for our services.

Speeding up the ALTCS Application

They will also want applicatjon know if any such transfer was compensated. They may tell you that you need an Income Only Miller Trust and to call a lawyer. Physician reviews often result in the applicant being found medically eligible, but not always. Arizona applicztion a special set of rules to protect the financial security of a healthy spouse, also called the community spouse or non-applicant spouse, when his or her spouse needs long-term care.


How do I Apply for ALTCS? Applying to ALTCS; The Basics

Our goal is to help families find the means to pay for senior care by providing objective information and interactive tools on our ad-free, easy-to-use and comprehensive website. If you miss a deadline they will deny your case and send you to the back of the line. Some are excluded, such as Agent Orange payments and some VA need-based benefits.

Even though ALTCS says it could be faster than that, when everything is said and done, 60 days is usually the number. Wartime veterans or their surviving spouses may be required to apply to the VA for a need-based pension as part of their ALTCS process. Arizona has defined both ‘countable assets’ and ‘exempt assets.

Once applixation two interviews are finished, the point of contact will be notified if any additional documentation is needed.

There are many things that can be done and finding placement while the application is pending is an option. If you go it alone you may wind up losing far more money from delayed or denied benefits than you would have paid SAS to help. It takes about two months from the day we request the application to get a decision, but if you are approved then benefits are applied back to the first day of that month.

If the score is 55 or higher but below 60, management will review the score.

Also, if they receive incomplete information, especially in the financial areas, this could prolong and possibly disqualify the applicant from receiving ALTCS benefits. It gets alcts, so let us review your specific situation to advise you how this may apply to your case.

Simpler cases cost less, and complicated cases cost more. Your ALTCS Program Contractor will give you an opportunity to pick your own primary care physician from an approved listing, or will pick one for you if you do not make a choice.

Speeding Up the ALTCS Application

Do You Give Legal Advice? Maybe, but not in a bad way. The Program Contractor will then assign a Case Manager who will meet with you to develop a appilcation plan for your care. The points range from and when you hit 60 points, you are approved. We can still help. This is not a law firm, we are not attorneys in Arizona, and we do not give out legal advice. In most cases, asset protection is an option.


In these 60 days, they will ask you to pick an insurance plan, applicatioj check your financial background, and also come to your home to perform a medical evaluation. Elderly and disabled residents are provided care, including nursing home care and home and community based services, on a managed care model.

If you need legal help as part of your ALTCS application process, we know some great Arizona lawyers who are happy to work with us when you need them.

The ALTCS application process is not always horrible, but for many people it is a frustrating and confusing hassle that ends with anger and disappointment. There are many factors alcts certain diagnoses that are beneficial to have on record.

Our experienced, caring, and dedicated professionals have helped hundreds of applicants find solutions to these problems, enabling the applicants to become eligible for ALTCS coverage sooner. Statements must be dated within the month that the application is started. What is a Miller Trust?

For single applicants a spend down on care costs is sometimes a practical choice. If ALTCS has to wait on you for information your application processing time will be extended further. The most recent statements for the aforementioned resources will need to be submitted to the eligibility worker. It is still possible to qualify for ALTCS with income over that amount should the excess income be allocated to an income only trust, also called a Miller Trust.

Cases involving trusts or other complicated factors may take longer.

Additionally, clients ask us what they can do while they wait for their application to go through. Many people wind up being denied for small errors that could have been easily fixed because they did not understand or they just gave up.