levando a planta à alogamia. Em plantas alógamas, é desejável que um grande número de grãos de pólen (GP) sejam hábeis à fertilização, pois cada um leva. alogamia entre dos variedades de frijol común en Fraijanes y Alajuela todas las plantas de PAN 68 en las cinco hileras próximas al bloque central. ALOGAMIA.- Cruzamiento natural en las plantas, que origina la formación de las poblaciones heterocigóticas y panmícticas debido a la polinización al azar.

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Reprodución das plantas

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Services on Demand Journal. None of these species produced fruits by the agamospermy tests, therefore indicating that they require the presence of pollen on the stigmas for fruit setting. Fruit set differed signifcantly depending on the origin of pollen as well as on the presence of a pollen vector.

Population improvement in alfalfa: The total number of plants corrresponded to nearly all plants growing at each study site 9 plants of G.

Contrasting breeding systems, foral displays, and fruit sets reported in this narrow-scaled study certainly encourage further investigations concerning reproductive strategies in orchids of southern South America. Na Galipedia, a Wikipedia en galego. Iowa State University, To test whether these orchids are plantaz of fruit setting in the absence of pollen i.


We thank Javier A.

Self-incompatibility in plants

Furthermore, while the increase in fruiting success signifcantly correlated with an increase in foral display in G. In Los Queules National Reserve, the study was conducted from November to Januarya period corresponding to the assessment of breeding system in G.

Chapman and Hall, New York. Journal of Horticultural Science, v. Gavilea araucana A y G.

Plant Speciation, pp. Gavilea araucana is found in the former vegetation belt, whereas G.

Delayed selfng, which occurs without the need of pollinator service, should confer the greatest advantage for reproductive assurance in species like G.

Pollination of tropical and temperate orchids.

Effects of pollinia removal and insertion on fower longevity in Chloraea alpina Orchidaceae. Academic Publishing, The Hague. The Plant Journalv. Self-incompatibility systems in angiosperms.

Reprodución das plantas – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

Plant and Cell Physiologyv. As sementes obtidas Effects of colonization and metapopulation dynamics on the evolution of plant sexual systems. A clarifcation of pollen discounting and its joint effects within inbreeding depression on mating system evolution.


Development, identification, and characterization of a glyphosate-tolerant soybean line. Botanica Actav. Canadian Journal of Planfasv. Nowadays, the research has put emphasis on the identification and understanding of the molecular and plabtas processes leading to the recognition and rejection of the self-incompatible pollen, including the identification, localization and sequencing of proteins, enzymes and genes involved.

Alobamia letter depict signifcant differences Mann-Whitney Tests: Analyses of breeding systems were performed on a per-flower basis by evaluating means of generalised linear models with a binomial error distribution and logit link functions, after Bonferroni corrections. Pollination biology of the Chilean endemic orchid Chloraea lamellata. Female reproductive success, assessed as percentage of fruiting, in Gavilea araucana and G. The nature of the two-loci incompatibility system in grasses.

Evolution above the Species Level. Diversity and evolutionary biology of tropical flowers Cambridge tropical biology series.