Editorial Reviews. Review. “For fans of the series.” ―School Library Journal. About the Author. ALEXANDRA ADORNETTO’s first book, Halo, became a New. This final installment of the forbidden love story in the popular Halo trilogy stands on its own well, with only a few references to events in. Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto Published by Feiwel & Friends on Only sixteen when she started the series, Ally Adornetto knows how teen.

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I don’t want to spoil anything, but for me to much was going on in this book, and for that the twists didn’t shock me because the author just breezed past them.

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That’s not how this works. In the first and second book, Beth was almost endearing.

I’m not recommending it to my friends but the younger teens are welcomed to give it a try. Girl-hate is everywhere in Heaven.

HEAVEN by Alexandra Adornetto | Kirkus Reviews

In Heaven all characters changes. But still she kills him and does she feel no remorse Lucifer in Xavier’s body did help with the tension and did help a bit with character development for Beth, and a bit for Gabriel, but not as much as it aleaxndra have been considering where we are in heaben final book of this series. So, they get into college and Bethany gets a roommate, Mary-Ellen, which is another excuse to mock teenage girls and their “sins” once again. So, to counter balance all the 5 star reviews, I’m giving one star.


Don’t make your characters a supernatural creature unless they can actually do something. Sep 19, Chelsea rated it did not like it Shelves: How is it not your fault?! Molly alexwndra Xavier shared a chuckle while Gabriel and I looked on blankly. There’s nothing about extra portals having opened up, nor any other plausible explanation, but hey. If I was his dead girlfriend I would not help this selfish cow alwxandra back so she could screw with his life even more.

So, I beg, as I have been for the past few books The perfect contours of his face reminded me of the mannequins I’d seen in department store windows.

Does this book even know what Christianity is? I really expected a better ending.

Alexandra Adornetto

Lists with This Book. They then fuck in the woods and instead of getting muddy hair and moss in her fanny like a normal person, Beth only laments about how beautiful it was and how it was about souls colliding and becoming one and how unnecessary birth control is because the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down, much like the Death Star.

Molly isn’t strong enough to do it, she needs a man to do it adorntto her. Gabe and Ivy develop more as characters gosh, I love Gabe! If she can survive, she can prove to Heaven and Alexaandra that there is nothing stronger than the power of love. They were there for months. I’ll just direct you my review of Hades and my review of Halo to show you my rage over those two books, and you’ll just have to scroll for not even two seconds to see the absolute hatred of what Adornetto has done in these books and with this series.


Why do all YA series about angels seem so predicatable. Is this the actual cover?

Alexandra Adornetto – Wikipedia

But saving him leads to Lucifer possessing akexandra and they try to exorcist him out. I decided to have a go at commenting the sypnosis of this book But it doesn’t last. Bigotry, rampant girl-hate, a heave disregard for the tenants of Christianity, purposeful misinformation about abusive relationships, and more make this the worst of the Halo trilogy. Get it through your head. And when Mary saw the two of them making out in the locker rooms they were supposed to be brother and sisterand The Seven, who I realized were basically just Slendermen just made me burst out laughing and go: And I’m glad I’m done.