If you’d like to earn money consistently trading Crude Oil without stress, this is the most important book you’ll ever read. Hi, I’m Aldo Lagrutta,. And today, I’m going to share the exact reason why it’s so difficult for you to make money trading Oil even if you have been trading other. Aldo Lagrutta, CFTe®, CEWA, MSTATechnical Analyst, Certified Financial Technician® Certified Elliott Wave Analyst, is arguably the greatest Concert Guitarist.

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My background in the markets began in at the Comex as a runner. How To Trade Oil Profitably. Under the careful tutelage of her father, she specializes in trading all the energy markets, futures, stocks and options.

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Price and the patterns formed by the collective psychology of traders. After lagtutta years with Citigroup, I started Stanton Analytics. Send Me The Book. They are intended for sophisticated investors and are not suitable for everyone.

Brand New From Prof. That is how we came to develop the Oil Barrel. This is real help for serious oil traders only!

Prof. Aldo Lagrutta

The Oil Barrel is the first and only indicator developed exclusively to trade Oil and dramatically increase your results and profits…. From The Desk Of Prof. Thus, we see day traders, even developed Wave Analysts, giving up the possibilities of Oil trading and moving onto other instruments with smaller ranges and more affordable stop losses. Finally, you get the footprint and you are ready to enter.

Imagine that you want to impress your family with a Chinese dish from your favorite Chinese Restaurant; you have several ways to go about it. So if you are a professional trader, you can use the suggestions I give in the book to improve upon your own set ups.


This is real help for serious oil traders only!

For most of his adult life, Aldo has been an ordained Yoga Acharya meaning: I want you to have this as my gift for checking out the book. You have produced an amazing, ado course here.

Please keep in mind, that risk of loss in electronic trading can be substantial. And because Largutta know you will see similar jaw dropping results as the ones I have shown you here today, we will not just promise them -we will guarantee them. Growing up in a trading family, Martine adlo grown into an accomplished trader in her own right.

I purchased my own seat in Additionally Aldo is the Chief Operating Officer of Stanton Analytics, a company that serves energy traders in 8 of the 10 major oil corporations in the world. The Elliot Wave Theory is your road map of the markets and can be your road map to success. Yes, you heard correctly!

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Again, it is the exact same signal as before except that it is confirmed by the OB cluster of indicators. In an unsteady economy or a robust one, Evolution Trading Protocols will guide you in and out of trades like a pro. With that understanding of the frustrations that new traders undergo and a vast experience in creating indicators and protocols that work Kristin and I worked on putting together several studies that took into consideration: You can see how following this simple set up can become extremely profitable.

Instead of doubting and missing opportunities, your new indicator tells you exactly where the trade will have the highest probability of success. Every year I become more profitable monetarily, and with the skills and psycology to decome a full-time trader at some point. And if you are a serious novice who wants to learn some of the best set ups apdo designed for trading oil, this book is also for you.


Here I should clarify something key: Look how obvious the termination of the trend is right after counting the 5 waves inside 2 and 3. We are happy to answer them. But, when you take established indicators and finely tune them like a strand of DNA so that they work in harmony with each other; well, then you have something completely different.

I realize this is very inexpensive.

The Set Up presented in this video will dramatically improve your results while trading Oil. This typically indicates possible buy signals but notice how price continues its decline for more than 2 dollars. Please understand my results are not typical. In our set up, in order to reduce the typical disadvantages of oscillators, we recommend waiting for the indicator to cross the parameter line.

Thus, we would have not taken the trade. Hope I’m not wrong saying this but it seems to me that trend line analysis is almost as powerful as Elliott wave analysis yet a lot simpler and more practical for use as a trading strategy.

The lessons are very clear, easy to follow and understand. The prerequisites for being a successful trader, namely: In fact many traders report huge profits after only a few weeks of adding the Oil Barrel to their charts…. Martine also has a background as a legal assistant.

I have seen a lot of material over the last two years and this really stands out for me because you point out how powerful this simple tool can be. During the training, I introduce you to my favorite indicator and set up.