LibraryThing Review. User Review – Rumgoat – LibraryThing. Not so much a book as a prank by author L. Sprague De Camp, perpertrated so. Al Azif has 52 ratings and 7 reviews. Rick said: At a time For those that don’t know, besides the preface, this entire book is in Aramaic. Not only that, as was. Al Azif by Abdul Alhazred, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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They bend the forest and crush the city, yet may not forest or city behold the hand that smites. Oct 12, Liam Griffin rated it it was ok. The resulting “translation” was in fact written by occultist Robert Turner, but it was far truer to the Lovecraftian version than the Simon text and even incorporated quotations from Lovecraft’s stories in its passages. The same couplet appears in ” The Call of Cthulhu “where it is identified as a quotation from the Necronomicon. Curse-runes guard the nighted gate carved by forgotten hands, and woe to he that dare pass within those dreadful doors.

Other authors such as August Derleth and Clark Ashton Smith also cited it in their works; Lovecraft approved, believing such common allusions built up “a background of evil verisimilitude.

Presently, I heard a voice, softly, some distance away and a more practical fear, that the possibility of robbers, took hold of me and I rolled behind weeds, trembling. As foulness you shall know them and Their accursedness shall stain the Earth.

I fear for my flesh, but I fear for my spirit more. Price notes that the title has been variously translated by others as “Book of the names of the dead”, “Book of the laws of the dead”, “Book of dead names” and “Knower of the laws of the dead”.

Mark ye well that ye maketh ye Elder Sign at their appearence, lest the tendrils of darkness enter thy soul.

On Hallowmas eve thou must travel to some lonely place where high ground overlooks the ocean. Donald Tyson has clearly stated that the Necronomicon is fictional, but that has not prevented his book from being the center of some controversy.


Lock the circle and let azjf evil pass through! Their hand is at your throats, yet ye see Them not; and Their habitation is even one with your guarded threshold. Lord of the Gate! It’s a nice show piece to have in any Lovecraftian library simply because of how silly it is. After day cometh night; man’s day shall pass, and They shall rule where They once ruled. He knowest where the Old Ones came forth in time along long past and where They shall come forth again when the cycle returneth.

In men’s dreams He whispers, yet who knoweth His form? When all is rendered well and ye dark vapours begin to rise, make ye the Elder Sign and remove from ye flames. But verily, it were better to engrave another. The Cipher Manuscript known as “Necronomicon”. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Employ the perfume of Zkauba in all ceremonies of ye ancient Lore casting ye essences upon live coals of Yew or Oak.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In my solitary ceremonies in the hills, worshipping with fire and sword, with water and dagger, and with the assistance of strange grass that grows wild in certain parts of the MASSHUand with which I had unwittingly built my fire before the rock, that grass that gives the mind great power to travel tremendous distances into the heavens, as also into the hells, I received the formulae for the amulets and talismans which follow, which provide the Priest with safe passage among the spheres wherein he may travel in search of the Wisdom.

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Lovecraft and his followers. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It covered the well-known Necronomicon s in depth, especially the Simon one, along with a number of more obscure ones. Wrap the scimitar in a cloth of black silk and setit aside until thou wouldst make use of it; but mark ye well that no other shall lay his hand upon the scimitar lest its vertue be forever lost. Move it down to your forehead, turning it upwards, so the final result is a triangle on your forehead.

Al Azif – Abdul Alhazred – Google Books

A Greek edition was printed in Italy in the first half of the 16th century. The Flaming Circle locks everything out! Majes rated it it was ok May 08, Then enter within the stones and draw about thee the Circle of evocation tracing the figurines with the mystic scimitar of Barzai.


Nigel Williamson rated it it was amazing Apr 18, Whosoever anointeth his head with the ointment of Khephnes shall in sleep be grabted true visions of time yet to come When ye Moon increaseth in her light place in an earthen crucible a goodly quantity of oil of ye Lotus, sprinkle with one once powdered mandragora and stir well with ye forked twig of ye wild thorn bush.

I have lived in the deserts and the wastelands, and spoken with demons and the souls of slaughtered men, and of women who have died in childbirth, victims of the she-fiend LAMMASHTA.

Al Azif: The Necronomicon

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. And the spawn of the Old Ones covered the Earth, and Their children endureth throughout the ages.

He knoweth where the Old Ones came forth in times past and where They all forth again when the cycle returneth. That thou mayest aid me in my hour of need. Duriac is actually just a relatively uncommon French surname, as well as a type of wheat.

Al Azif: The Necronomicon by L. Sprague de Camp

He commandeth twenty-six legions of infernal spirits and giveth the knowledge of all magical jewels and talismans. The Truth Behind Lovecraft’s Legendthere are pages and pages of the same text that repeat constantly. Unfortunately, “heavily modified” in this case means “unreadable” – even to transliterate – thus assuring its apparent mystery.

Place the so assembled elements in a vessel of green glass and seal with a brazen stopper afore inscribed with the characters of Mars and Saturn. Ql copies, Lovecraft wrote, were kept by private individuals. Qzif I ordered this book I expected it to be printed in a language I could understand or that it would be labeled differently.