Giorgio Agamben, Bartleby, Or on Contingency. Report. Post on Aug Views. Category: Documents. Downloads. Download. Third, Agamben’s reading in relation to Aristotle’s logic of potentiality. .. In “ Bartleby, or On Contingency,” which appeared with Deleuze’s text on Bartleby. establishment of the contingency of beings and events. However, the relationship . death, Agamben points to Bartleby as a hopeful figure of.

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A fourteenth century Oxford professor, Richard Fitzralph, said: For example, if Being always preserved its potential not to be, then no possibility could ever pass into actuality or remain in actuality. In his Theses on the Philosophy of History—which serves as a critique of a teleological view of history that was prepared to build its monuments on the graves of the forgotten—Benjamin counter- poses the time of memory to the homogenous and empty time presupposed by theories of progress Benjamin We need to see which laws govern the transition from the possible to the real, or what causes potentiality to exist.

Traditionally, these problems are tempered by two principles. Giorgio Agamben, Bartleby and the Potentiality of the Law.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Remembrance is about potentiality.

AgambenThe Experiment, or On Decreation 1. Rather, once rationality is removed, the will is ruined along with it.

Giorgio Agamben – Bartleby, or On Contingency | Curatorial / Knowledge

A tautology is a statement for which truth conditions are irrelevant because it is always true. That line is a modification of Romans 7: The aporia here is that the highest thought can neither think nothing contingendy think something, or remain potential or become actual.


Avicenna uses the image of writing to describe the various levels of the potential intellect. For Bartleby, it means, firstly, a withdrawal from the work of copying that makes up the daily routine of the legal firm in which he is employed.

I would like to dedicate this essay to the memory of Paul Fletcher, with whom I had the enormous pleasure and privilege of discussing many of the ideas contained agaamben. He is neither an exemplar of civil disobedience, nor a revolutionary. Howard Eiland and Michael W.

Giorgio Agamben, Bartleby, Or on Contingency

It thinks its own potentiality. Hence, the mind is not a thing, but a being of pure potential. University of Minnesota Press. If Bartleby presents a challenge to the law, however, the nature of this challenge is not easy to categorise. If we are to confront the state of exception that has become the norm and live a life of possibility, it is on these resources that we must draw.

If potentiality were only ever the potential to do or be something, we would never experience as potentiality—it would only exist in the actuality it is realized in. The police arrive and remove him to the tombs as a vagrant.

Giorgio Agamben – Bartleby, or On Contingency

This affirmation of contingency, however, has always been a conditional one. This is the context that Bartleby exists in. Bartleby, when he decides to give up copying, moves passed this solution: In The Birth to Presence trans.


He does not redeem what was, but to save what was not. His potentiality is not unrealized because of a lack of will. Hardt, Michael, and Antonio. Potentiality is withdrawn from truth atamben because it can be or not be; it is prior to the action of contingeency principle of noncontradiction. Maimonides argued og the truth of creation ex nihilo in in Guide for the Perplexed.

Notify me of new comments via email. The formula is repeated so often that it ruins any relation between absolute and ordered potential. Email required Address never made public. Howard Eiland and Kevin McLaughlin.

He quotes Wolff again: On the concept of history. The time that remains: This God enjoys contemplating these events and his own choice among them: After all, while Bartleby drives his employer to quit his premises and relocate his law firm, his peace is short lived. In the letter to the Galatians, the new creature is what remains after Paul has nullified the divisions of the law: To hold to non-Being is difficult and is the characteristic experience of nihilism. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Agmben offers a set of examples—or exemplars, possibly—of such experiments.