AFI 36-2604 PDF

Supersedes AFI , 1 July Pages: Distribution: F. This instruction explains how to compute service dates and dates of rank and. AFI , Reserve of the Air Force Officer Promotions (formerly AFR AFI , Service Dates and Dates of Rank (formerly AFR ). Force Instruction (AFI) , Air Force Privacy Act Program, . Advises students and explains changes to AFI , Service Dates and.

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The effective date of promotion is the date of the 362-604 order unless a later date is stated. TSgt selectees may request, in writing, an HYT adjustment in order to serve a maximum of 6 months as a TSgt from the promotion effective date. For periods of less than 1 year, ensure the airman takes the SKT.

The promotion authority may promote NPS fai ordered 3-62604 an initial active duty tour IADT after completion of both basic military training and six months TIS, or to the next higher grade, provided the individual meets the requirements in table 4. Designate all authority delegations in writing and provide it to the servicing MPF chief. Do not promote individuals who are moved to fill slots where the incumbent is projected for retirement, separation, or reassignment until the promotion cycle after the incumbent physically departs.

AFI 36-2502

Issue promotion orders and assigns a date of rank as the first day of the promotion cycle month when airmen meet eligibility requirements. These individuals will test under WAPS. The order will include grade, name, SSN, AFSC, functional code, position control number, designation and address of the Reserve unit of assignment, Reserve of the Air Force grade to which promoted, and the authority.

Appoints promotion board consisting of officers and chief master sergeants. Airmen may decline a promotion in writing any time prior to the effective date. Once a record is rendered NFQ, the airman will not receive a score notice and their name will not appear on either a select or nonselect listing. Actual promotion does not occur earlier than the 1st day of the month following the month the airman completes the required enlisted service.


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ARPC monitors monthly the authorized strength in a particular grade projected to exceed the allowed number. Distribute computer generated DVR to eligible airmen so they can review the data used in the promotion selection process. Returns disapproved AF Form to the immediate supervisor, through channels, indicating the reasons for disapproval. Do not promote airmen in retraining status in their new AFSC until they complete technical training, if required, and have been awarded a 3-skill level in the AFSC.

Commanders may waive the 7-skill level requirement for TSgt selectees at the time when PSN is announced for promotion when the airman has completed upgrade requirements and is waiting to attend, or is currently enrolled in the 7-level school. Notifies the unit of assignment of the nonselection and the reasons.

Base individual score on percentage correct two decimal places see note 1. The same provisions apply to reservists captured or kidnapped while training overseas. Decoration point value is based on order of precedence. Establishes and annotates ineligibility expiration dates not to exceed 6 months for each IMA or participating IRR not recommended 336-2604 promotion.

However, those personnel in retraining or upgrade training may qualify 36-26044 a PAFSC skill-level waiver if they could have had the appropriate skill level afj PECD had the current training not been interrupted. Select airmen on a best-qualified basis subject to limitations or requirements specified by the major commander.

The effective date is date returned to active duty. The authorities to collect and maintain the records outlined in this instruction are Title 10, United States Code U. The promotion authority must make a promotion decision, in writing, upon completion of the deferral period.

Airmen who accept a promotion are eligible for reassignment and selective retraining in the projected grade. Do not use the third decimal place to round up or down. DOR and effective date are the date the selection authority announces the promotion. Conducts the central evaluation board. The record is then benchmarked with three records one-half point to a point and a half below the board score required for selection, if available, along with three additional records at the board score needed for promotion.

The airman must meet eligibility requirements by the last day of the month prior to the promotion month. Training periods the airman was paid in the higher grade, if applicable. Supplemental promotion consideration may not be granted if the error or omission appeared on member’s DVR and no corrective or follow-up action was taken by the member prior to the promotion selection date for SSgt through MSgt and prior to the original evaluation board for SMSgt and CMSgt. When individuals are ineligible for promotion, they cannot test, cannot be considered if already tested, and projected promotions if already selected under WAPS or fully qualified Amn – SrA will be canceled.


In such cases, airmen become selectees without supplemental board evaluation. Suspend existing promotion programs and accelerate existing promotion increments to meet emergency wartime grade requirements. SSgts test and compete for promotion to TSgt if they 36–2604 a 5-skill level as of PECD; however, they must have a 7-skill level before promotion.

A1Cs and below ineligible for promotion under Table 1. Members must meet the promotion eligibility criteria listed below 4. Use this table to determine standard minimum eligibility requirements for promotion consideration. Distributes computer generated data verification records DVR to eligible airmen ari they can review the data used in the promotion selection process. When there is not an SKT for the specialty, then all airmen in that AFSC compete for promotion together, regardless of their training status i.

Desires to promote a member not on the eligibility roster sand member meets all requirements 366-2604 Table 4. Divide that sum by the sum of the time weighted factors added together for the promotion performance factor Reviews enlisted performance reports of airmen recommended for promotion to TSgt through CMSgt and ensure they qualify for promotion.

Airmen who die before being promoted and have been officially recommended for promotion to grades Amn through SrA or selected for promotion to grades SSgt through CMSgt are eligible for posthumous promotion.