Oriental Adventures: The Rulebook for AD&D Game Adventures in the Mystical World of Hardcover: pages; Publisher: TSR; 1st edition (January 1, ). Another of my old sheets I’ve dug up. Here’s one of my AD&D sheets, version , this one tuned for Oriental Adventures (1st Edition). I believe. AD&D 1st Edition Mini-Campaign Easily used for one adventure or a campaign . .. Jess Scappaticci: Look online for a book called”Oriental Adventures and.

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That module will feature a resort luxury cruise liner starship owned by the yakuza, and rather than a traditional resort ship, it is a redlight district entertainment ship adventufes Bunraku puppet theater, brothels, gambling casinos, a black market, an MMA arena other similar darker entertainments. See details for description of any imperfections. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Dragondown Grotto Red Hand of Doom. I can ask some of my online gaming buddies, if you like.?

Oriental Adventures 1st Edition. Shepherd compared the sourcebook favorably with Bushidoanother oriental role-playing game of the time, feeling that Oriental Adventures was a better choice as a game system. It introduced, among other things, a whole slew of new classes, races, spells, monsters, and rules – of course the new classes were the most exciting part for most players!

I only got to partake of the Kara-Tur boxed set once or twice many, many years ago, but I do remember that it did a good job of bringing the feel and setting of OA into 2nd Edition. edituon

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Oriental Adventures (1st Edition) – Google+

Ashley Shepherd reviewed Oriental Adventures for issue No. Dragon Issue – Jun Arrows of the East Dragon Issue – Jun Hard Cover – 2nd Printing.

Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation. Eedition October 3, Dungeon of the Mad Mage. People who bought this also bought. As for Kara-Tur, its existence is kind of weird – basically, it was 2e, but used the Oriental Adventures rules and was thus 1e. Some of the creatures the group have run into the second session of our OA foray. Unfortunately, it’s still mostly stuck to the standard 2E rules.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Oriental Adventures Hardback TSR 2018 1st Ed 1985

Sheperd noted that the monk was in its proper Eastern context, and that the ninja was the best version the reviewer had seen. Looks like you’ve reached the end. So, in any case, in time, I will reorganize the Martial Arts Special Maneuvers section and post it or a link to it here! Expanded archery for Oriental Adventures. I look forward to more examination of this topic, advdntures perhaps the release of some of the changes you would have made, had you been the editor.

Mad Irishman’s AD&D 1st Edition (Oriental Adventures) Character Sheet 2.1

The monk appears in Player’s Handbook 3. Would you like any additional players? The differences between each style are tremendous, far surpassing the differences in karate styles or jujutsu styles. A roster of Japanese names for Oriental characters. Add tags Tags separate by space: Posted by Ed at 6: Skip to main content.


China also has a huge repository of mythology that could be a great resource for a revised Oriental Adventures – not to mention a great variety of weapons and armor that would be interesting to have in a campaign as well, from exploding bamboo tubes to mountain pattern armor to strange multi-bladed martial arts weapons. Some things I liked about what I heard: Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Pages to import images to Wikidata.

Dark Sun Dark Sun: So this looks like a must buy https: In the most ancient times 3 BCdolls were used for religious rites and it was believed that dolls take on oeiental sins of those who touch it. The binding has failed and a chuck of about 30 pages have separated from the binding.

The kung fu styles are also great material for Oriental Adventures campaigns; for example, dog style specializes in prone fighting, while eagle claw specializes in grabbing and gripping techniques. There’s Bound To Be Another! Dragon Issue – May This item doesn’t belong on this page.

Level Based Earn XP and level up. Kara-Tur 1 on 1 Adventure Gamebooks.