Flaccid paralysis is an illness characterized by weakness or paralysis and reduced muscle tone The term acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) is often used to describe a sudden onset, as might be found with polio. AFP is the most common sign of. Nationwide AFP (acute flaccid paralysis) surveillance is the gold standard for often confirms wild poliovirus infections in the absence of cases of paralysis. To thoroughly describe the clinical, laboratory, and electrodiagnostic features of this paralysis syndrome, we evaluated acute flaccid paralysis that developed in.

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American Public Health Adalan Case 7 On September 1,a previously healthy, year-old male Louisiana resident had onset of fever, headache, and nuchal rigidity followed the next day by dysphagia and bilateral arm and leg weakness that was worse on the left. Retrieved 2 March It can affect any age, but primarily involves children aged less than 5 years and causes paralysis in one out of every to infected individuals [ 12 ]. We aimed to describe the characteristics of patients reported with AFP, and to evaluate the performance of the AFP surveillance system using indicators recommended by the WHO.

Objectives of Surveillance To identify and monitor AFP cases due to poliomyelitis, EV71 and botulism, so that appropriate and timely public health measures can be taken to meet the WHO AFP surveillance performance indicator target for polio-free countries.

This child was vaccinated one week after the occurrence of paralysis and therefore paralysis was not related to polio vaccination. aalah


Surveillance Indicators

Case 2 On July 15,a year-old male Mississippi resident with a remote history of prostate cancer and glucose intolerance was hospitalized with a 3-day history of fever, aralah, nausea, vomiting, and headache. On day 19, she was transferred to a rehabilitation facility.

Introduction of the bacteria may also occur via endospores in a wound. This is in contrast to an upper motor neuron lesionwhich often presents with spasticityalthough early qcute this may present acjte flaccid paralysis. Postviral demyelination syndrome and viral-induced polyradicultis were considered, and IVIGdexamethasone, and antibacterial and antiviral medications were administered without patient improvement. Clin Diagn Lab Immunol. Acute flaccid paralysis surveillance in Australia progress report Iran Red Crescent Med J ; 10 4: J Infec Dis ; Suppl 1: On day 30, the patient was transferred for rehabilitation with flaccid, areflexic paralysis in the right leg and variable weakness and diminished reflexes in all other limbs.

Acute Flaccid Paralysis | Queensland Health

These therapies are ineffective for polio-like syndromes and can produce serious sequelae 34 — Results of strength and reflex testing of the upper extremities were normal. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. The results of these cases were not counted in the final report to avoid over diagnosis and over-counting the AFP achte. This syndrome occurs throughout the world with an annual incidence of 0.

Acute Flaccid Paralysis

Cerebral palsy Cauda equina syndrome Locked-in syndrome. Polio Eradication in Iran. Support Center Support Center.

In areas in which transmission is occurring, WNV infection should be considered in patients with acute flaccid paralysis. Eleven cases that were primarily reported as AFP by primary care physicians were discarded by the AFP provincial committee because their adalzh pictures were not compatible with the definition of acute flaccid paralysis.


Flaccid paralysis – Wikipedia

However, these reports describe adqlah and laboratory features that seem inconsistent with such diagnoses, and the exact cause of acute flaccid paralysis has not been thoroughly assessed with rigorous electrophysiologic, laboratory, and neuroimaging data.

Communicable Diseases Intelligence ;37 2. The long border of Iran with these two countries requires continuous and vigilant surveillance system to timely detect poliomyelitis cases.

All patients had avute onset of asymmetric weakness and areflexia but no sensory abnormalities. The patient was hospitalized on July 29, and neurologic examination showed a flaccid, areflexic paralusis lower extremity and a weak left lower extremity with diminished reflexes. Voices from the Field. Upon transfer to a rehabilitation center on day 12, the patient had paralysis and areflexia limited to the right arm, with normal sensation and diffuse tremor in all limbs.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use flaaccid Privacy Policy. Mental status changes, dysarthria, and dysphagia subsequently developed but resolved. Causes of AFP are listed in Table 1 below. In some cases, the underlying mechanism initially had been obscure so necessitated investigation of the cases to rule out poliomyelitis. Data modified from yearly reports of Canadian Pediatric Surveillance Program