AC3D – beginner tutorial – creating, moving, resizing. by acorvale. Ac3D Aircraft Modeling Tutorials: Cabin Window Frame. by Narendran. I just got AC3D, hoping to expand my ability of 3D modeling. I was wondering if some one could point out a few good tutorials to start learning. Hi guys, I got several questions about the airport design in AC3D. Here is my first video tutorial aerial image background in AC3D Hope you.

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Actually his video explains exactly what I said here quite clearly, sorry about that!

AC3D Tutorial Movies

The video is great, but i’m strugg Iing with where it fits into the workflow. So if you have several contiguous areas like I did, you’ll have to repeat this operation on all of them. I’ll have some fun now adding objects to my airports. It does get a bit tricky, but I think I have tried just about every possible way of doing this now and this seemed to be best unless your runway turorial is very simple: This is the line that says: As for making mistakes in video tutorials I think they are very useful, as the first timer is going to make the same ones as well as many more!

If you don’t do this, you’ll have huge gaping voids in your terrain that cause some really interesting and violent crashes if you touch them at all.

AC3D Tutorials and How-To’s – AC3D Forums

That looks good so far. I couldn’t find out any more about using the knife or vertex picking.

I’m not sure what you mean by innermost vertices though? Perhaps I was doing something zc3d, but I always ended up with really tiny gaps between the ‘outer area’ and the runway which created open slivers when loaded into the game. I tried that but nothing showed up.


I hope that wasn’t too confusing.

Either add completely new objects or merge the existing kdwh airport into it and then modify it. I also tried using the Boolean operations and the knife command after extruding the cutting surfaces, as well as the fill holes command, and none of them could quite make this work without other av3d. Another thing to be careful of is make sure that all your surface normal point the correct acc3d — you can check this by turning on “Normals” in the 2D and 3D menus, and then looking at the different viewports.

I tried that but got stuck trying to manipulate that outer runway mesh. Thanks for all you ac3s on these tutorials. As I say a request for the list. Let me explain the reference point thing a little further–I think once you understand its purpose and how it works, it will be easier to deal with.

This was the only relatively easy way I found that gave perfect vertex-to-vertex correspondence so that there were no sliver openings when loaded into Aerofly. Here is my first video tutorial aerial image background in AC3D Hope you find it clear and useful.

You will have problems when you export and then convert the. In the model your reference point was here I circled it in red to make it clearer, it’s the small white crosshairs: I think the value you were using was in units ac3s feet, tutprial it actually needs to be in meters for this file.

Sorry your browser is not supported!

Titorial am I limited to the resolution of the mesh when it comes to aligning it with the background image? It needs to be in the troubleshooting list this one. After a3d the ground image in AC3D, you can do both ways: Can you do another video tutorial showing a more advanced form of runway mesh cutout?


I’ve also noticed that if you’re rotating objects, AC3D rotates about the geometric center of ALL the items you are rotating — so, if you rotate some objects, but then add more objects that extend beyond the original bounds of the first rotation, when you rotate it back to where you started it will rotate around a different center point.

So when you’re all done modeling your airport and you rotate it before exporting, the north direction of your airport needs to point to the right in AC3D. Hi Clayton, That looks good so far. Also re-mapped your runway texture so thtorial repeats and keeps the resolution of the texture crisp. This is because it rotates about the geometric tutoial of the shapes you’re rotating.

If it’s hard to see the pink lines, go the the settings tutoriall, to the graphics tab, and then change “Size of display normals” to a higher value, e. We will improve the ‘video tutorials’ section over tutoiral but I wanted to get it up there as a start. There may be a better way to do this–I’m not sure.

So if you already have it named and grouped like I did, make sure to select the keeper first before doing the merge. Here’s ca3d picture of my mesh which may help explain the above. The important thing is just that, wherever the crosshairs end up on the background image in AC3D, you need to make sure the coordinates you enter in your. I hope that helps! They have also been added to our wiki to make things easier.