Abyssal Genasi – Souls of Elemental Evil The elements can be corrupted. If the cults of elemental evil were not proof of that, simply lo. The interesting thing that first jumped out at me, from the first paragraphs, is that the Abyssal Genasi isn’t just a corrupted Genasi, but a curse. Genasi is a player character race in 4th edition Dungeons& Dragons. Dragon added corrupt manifestations for abyssal genasi, and Dragon also.

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As with the other planetouched, whilst technically any mating of humanoid and elemental can result in a genasi in theory, in practice it’s the human-descended who get all the limelight.

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Other genasi believe you to be an abomination and most other races are suspicious of you due to your demonic appearance. A creature that despises agyssal own nature.

How does this work mechanically? I could swear along time ago I heard taht 2e had versions of atleast one of the abbyssal gensai Originally posted by The Sage quote: Wednesday, 31st December, The other racial powers I find particularly cool. They tend to be short and stocky in build, sometimes to the extent of being mistakable for dwarves at a casual glance.

Save for in 3rd edition where earth genasi were explicitly noted to come from non-human stock. Like their elemental namesakes, they are drawn to places of burial, hiding from the rest of the world amongst graveyards, crypts and catacombs. She claims her mother was an air genasi and her father was a demon. The risks of it being used for an elemental incursion are unimportant to the Amethyst Sea; what matters is that this makes it impossible for a pursuer who follows a runaway slave through the portal to just grab their victim and haul them right back.

Well, the 2e genasi really weren’t all that dominate, especially outside of planar locations. I want to make a Voidsoul Genasi that uses his racial power as often as he can, convinced that somewhere in the nothingness is the answer to some great mystery and that every time he temporarily becomes one with nothingness, he comes just a little bit closer to enlightenment.

Genasi society is small due to the nature of the Elemental Chaos, yet highly dynamic.

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The downside to this view is that the genasi don’t look to the future, venasi only know that it’ll be different, embracing it whatever it may be. Originally posted by Erendriel Durothil Voidsoul genasi are the corrupted air.

Abyssal genasi – Emrah Elmasli.jpg

Them doing so depends on their environment: If there are Abyssal genasi, are there also Hellish genasi, or celestial genasi? When you drop a foe using your void assault cantrip, you regain the use of your embrace the void ability.

It may BR more complicated, but it’s clear that abyssal genasi are normal genasi corrupted by evil in the way that evil turns normal elemental creatures into demons.

Korobokuru – Hengeyokai – Spirit Folk.

Abyssal Genasi-Shaad | genasi | Pinterest | Fantasy characters, Fantasy and RPG

It is rare to find a genasi that has held the same position for several years, or in some cases, even months. These are so different to standard genasi in one part because of mixed ancestry and in part because of the taint that defiling has had on Athas. One doesn’t exclude another. Though genasi don’t like to talk about it, most genasi in the Elemental Chaos are slaves; their resistance to the elemental attributes of that plane make them highly valuable to giants and genies in comparison to their relatively perishable human ancestors.

Like their grave genasi kin, blood genasi tend to hold very little value for life – in fact, they seem to draw a great deal of satisfaction in killing, although theirs is a cold and calculating love-affair with murder, rather than the violent passion for destruction of their pyre genasi kindred.

In the Chaos, it’s very easy to open. Instead, most are either born spontaneously to those who have fought or escaped from dread elementals, the result of their encounter leaving a spiritual taint lingering in their souls and manifesting in the flesh of their children, or they re born to normal genasi who had the misfortune of being trapped in the Demiplane.

Since I don’t have the 4e version in front of me, I’m afraid I can’t do much better than that general overview, but hopefully it gives you someplace to start.

Like true earth genasi, they tend to be physically slow and ponderous, moving sluggishly even if they are rake-thin. They are known to be exasperating to talk to; tending to skip from topic to topic, whilst seemingly always gaining more from a conversation than what they give, meaning those who talk to them often find themselves needing to constantly redirect the conversation to get an answer.


Though the possibility exists that at least some members of that group do enjoy feeling like heroes for helping to free the slaves. Fire Genasi are typically born to fiery creatures such as efreetiazers or salamanders. But why would you do it, and how do you reasonably explain it? Where does a Voidsoul fit in? Most apps include their own filtering systems.

After all, not everything that comes out is going to be to everyone’s taste. Join Date Nov Posts Retrieved from ” https: They are hotheaded, independent, passionate, and often afflicted with pyromania.

I mean, it depends on the setting. So, of course, many adventuring genasi are either fleeing slavery, seeing to free their fellow slaves, or both.

You gain immunity to fire, but vulnerability to cold. You can cast the [Tooltip Not Found] spell once with this trait, requiring no material components, and you abjssal the ability to cast it this way when you finish a long rest. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished!


This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Through talent or training, genasi can shift between multiple elemental manifestations at a time.

Check out the Filter FAQ. I like them for the same reason I like tieflings, fey’ri, and other subraces tainted by evil. And that PP encounter attack is just a plain creepy thing to be able to do. Originally posted by Fellfire Erik, I do appreciate your efforts to reconcile 4e with the past lore, but this is retarded. Because this article came out before paraelementals were a thing, paraelemental genasi were stated to be a rare result of crossbreeding between either two lineages of genasi, or else what happens when a genasi or half-elemental of one element does the dirty with an elemental from another.

The most common genasi are those who share a manifestation with the four classical elements: