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UN Report Congo Group Experts

Ntihabose confirming that he attended the same seminary as his close friend Jean-Berchmans Turikubwigenge, a Rwandan refugee and Italian citizen, who has also been in telephone contact with 243s20099 military leaders according to telephone logs, who attended the RUD-Urunana talks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo inand who was a 24s32009 chaplain in Rwanda during the genocide annex The Group confirmed that Joan Casoliva was listed in as the president of an organization sln Inshuti, which runs a Barcelona-based website posting articles alleging war crimes committed by top officials in the Rwandan Government and military, as well as hosting a link to the FDLR website.

Kabemba is the legal notary for another gold export company that has been formed incalled Northern Goldline. The list is annexed for ease of reference annex Vaya facilitated money transfers on his behalf. The Group aoln the original copies of e-mail correspondence showing links between Italian citizens who are members of the Italian Catholic Church with FDLR units on the ground in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as with Mr.

The Group has attached copies of Mr. Clepad is also a Goma-based comptoir run by Patrick Nkuzi and Clemence Nkuzi, according to government mining authorities.

Mupepele told the Group that Mr.

Non-integration of the Congrs national pour la dfense du peuple The Group was also informed by Ugandan-based gold traders that they were encouraged to declare Congolese gold they imported or re-exported from Uganda as gold of southern Sudanese origin on their official documentation.

The Group attaches in annex 55 a sample of these documents obtained from both Lemera and Bukavu and has archived the rest at the United Nations. Munyaruguru, as well with as other individuals in Norway still being identified by the Group. One of the principal issues of contention between General Ntaganda and General Nkunda following the latters arrest in January in Rwanda was the control of the financial and accounting structures of CNDP.


These relationships, as well as the web of companies linked to Mr.

Habiyaremye has been receiving money transfers by Western Slon from diaspora supporters see paras. Local traders in Kigoma cited three major gold dealers based in Dar es Salaam, including Crown Jewellers, Ruby Bureau de Change and a businessman known as Jafar, although testimony from FDLR former combatants indicated several more small purchasers of gold.

Bensusan informed the Group that he pre-finances comptoirs in Goma, including Hill Side.

The Group subsequently deployed to Kinshasa on 20 March to begin five weeks of field work in the region, following which it presented its interim findings to the Sanctions Committee on 9 May Commanders of the tenth military so,n are not involved in the chain of command of Kimia II.

Panju is run by Panju Zulfikar Ali, a Bukavu-based businessman. The Group had asked the Portuguese authorities for assistance in investigating shipments related to Seamaster-Agentes, a company that has also obtained United Nations contracts in the past, and is currently in the process of waiting for these documents.

Solutions 3rd Edition | Oxford University Press

The FNL dissident elements participating in the 9 April attack were reportedly recruited 243s20099 Burundi by Congolese nationals and given money and weapons.

Some of these supporters and leaders are suspected participants of the Rwandan genocide. Vaya in Kampala during the same period. The Group has also obtained a document detailing a request by Colonel Nakabaka made to Mr. Contrary to previous years when most cargoes from Bisie and Walikale were flown from an airstrip to Goma, industry sources report that a larger proportion of cassiterite than before is being evacuated by truck in large volumes from trading centres near Bisie and Walikale and taken by newly completed roads in a circuitous route to Kisangani, then Beni, Butembo and Goma, before being trafficked into Rwanda.

Kotecha informed the Group in that Afrimex had ceased mineral purchasing activities.

UN Report Congo Group Experts – [PDF Document]

Etablissement Muyeye is run by Muyeye Byaboshi, another Bukavu-based businessman. As a result, General Ntaganda, who is subject to an assets freeze and a travel ban pursuant to his designation by the Committee inand has also been indicted by the International Criminal Court, has been given the post of deputy operational commander for Kimia II although FARDC has repeatedly denied his position in official circles.


The Group has traced the flow of gold from sites exploited and taxed by FDLR and other militia, and demonstrates in this section that significant amounts of gold are being trafficked through the region, in particular through Uganda and Burundi, and eventually sold in the United Arab Emirates. After several follow-up requests, Kenya Airways identified a focal point to assist the Group, but failed to concretely offer meaningful cooperation, and cited the non-existence of data protection laws in Kenya as a reason not to provide the requested information.

The Group has not been able to meet the officials of the Ministry of Defence in Kinshasa to discuss these cases.

The Group is aware that some deployments took place anyway. These documents have been archived at the United Nations. Mutoka acknowledged to the Group that he had a relationship with Mr. Casoliva reportedly worked on and off for Fundaci SOlivar during the same period of time. Since January General Ntaganda has progressively consolidated his position by centralizing under his control many of the weapons stocks that CNDP had accumulated over the years and which were previously under the custody of various CNDP commanders.

In the course of the same interview, he declared that his commander had informed him that the ammunition had been sent across from the United Republic of Tanzania.

The Group has requested the German authorities for further details on these transfers and is waiting for a response.

Estimates from agricultural officials indicate the movement of several hundred heads of cattle from Rwanda into Mushake since Januaryoften in the name of CNDP military officials loyal to General Ntaganda.