View and Download Ford Excursion owner’s manual online. Check fuel cap U Excursion (hdw) Owners Guide (postfmt) USA English. FORD EXCURSION DIESEL OWNERS MANUAL!!! $ Ford Excursion Owners Manual w/ L Power Stroke Diesel Manual – NEW – #P. Ford Excursion Owners Manual; ( Pages) Ford Excursion Owners Manual; ( Pages) Ford Excursion Owners Manual; ( Pages).

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Ford Excursion Free Online Owner’s Manuals

Page Maintenance and Specifications 3. Page Seating and Safety Restraints The shoulder belt should cross the chest, resting snugly on the excureion of the shoulder. Refer to Fuses and relays in the Roadside Emergencies chapter. Lift the lower seat control. The normal operating temperature can be reached after approximately 30 km 20 miles of driving.

Pleasure you will derive driving it, for more information on Ford Motor Company and its products visit, additional owner information is given separate publications, this Owner’s Guide describes every option model variant available.

Illuminates when the ignition is in the ON position and any door is open. Sends power to front and rear wheels.

Find Your Owner Manual | Official Ford Owner Site

Ford design rear axles contain a synthetic lubricant that does not require changing unless the axle has been submerged in water. When towing, trailer tongue load or king pin weight is also part of cargo weight. Drive cautiously to avoid vehicle damage from concealed objects such as rocks and stumps.

Find Jack Kit Locate all of the components for your jack kit. Page Maintenance and Specifications When the engine is cold, check the level of the engine coolant in the reservoir.


These actions could cause damage to the glass and mirrors. Controls the volume of air circulated in the vehicle. PANEL directs air to the overhead registers of the second and third row seating. Add ml 8 oz. Lights Replacing high-mount brakelamp bulbs 1. While the indicator is lit, release both controls to reset the average fuel economy. Lights Rear dome lamp The dome lamp lights when: Maintenance and Specifications State or local regulations on volatile organic compounds may restrict the use of methanol, a common windshield washer antifreeze fprd.

Page 16 If the gauge is operating in the Yellow or Red area, stop the vehicle and verify the airflow is not restricted such as snow or debris blocking airflow through the grill. Use only fluid that meets Ford specifications. Page Add ml 8 oz.

Lap belts Adjusting the lap belt The lap belt should fit snugly and as low as possible around the FLOOR directs air to the floor of the third row seating. Roadside Emergencies Connecting the jumper cables 1. Driver Controls Type B The spotter mirror, below the main manuap, is not heated and must be adjusted manually.

Re-start the engine and take your vehicle to a service facility. Snowplowing The Excursion is not recommended for snowplow forc. Connect the negative – cable to the negative – terminal of the assisting battery.

Canadian customers who require roadside assistance, call 1——— Seating and Safety Restraints One time disable Any time the safety belt is buckled and then unbuckled during an ignition ON cycle, the BeltMinder will be disabled for that ignition cycle only. Pull the wiper arm away from the vehicle. Towing trailers beyond the maximum recommended gross trailer weight exceeds the limit of gord vehicle and could result in engine damage, transmission damage, structural damage, loss of vehicle control, vehicle rollover and personal injury.


Manual heating and air conditioning. The headphones will automatically turn off after five minutes if they have not received an infrared audio signal from the overhead pod. Press the memory preset controls 2 and 4 simultaneously to toggle between single play and the Personal Audio Feature.

Seating and Safety Restraints 5. Position Jack Assemble components and position jack. The headrest must be removed in order to fold the seatback down. The compass reading may be affected when you drive near large buildings, bridges, power lines and powerful broadcast antenna.

After air bag deployment, it is normal to notice a smoke-like, powdery residue or smell the burnt propellant. Page if equippedshoulder belt guide on seatback if equippedchild safety seat LATCH and tether anchors, and attaching hardware, should be inspected after a collision.

Locate the trip computer located in the overhead console. Page 28 Entertainment Systems excursioon.

Excursion Owners Manuals

Press to eject a CD. To adjust the cross-bar position: Refer to Lubricant specifications in this chapter. This manual also for: Seating and Safety Restraints To reduce the risk of personal injury, the second row seat should not be left in the forward, E-Z entry position while the vehicle is in motion.

The DVD player does not offer a record feature.